Picnic in the Park!

Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network and friends will be meeting tomorrow (Sunday, 29th July) in St Georges Park, to enjoy a picnic together. Come meet/hang-out with comrades, get to know each other more, and strengthen our ties of solidarity.

If you would like to attend, it would be great if you can bring food along to share between us. But, there is absolutely no obligation to do this. There will be a small BBQ. If you would like to bring something along to cook on it, you are more than welcome.

It’s due to rain in the morning. If you can, bring something dry to sit on. And, just in case of showers, maybe an umbrella too!

We will be in the park from 12:30 onwards. Look for the Kurdish flag.

All are welcome to join!

If anyone has any questions about the event (e.g. address etc),
please message Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network. We will get back to you ASAP.

You can also find the event on Facebook here.