The invasion of Afrin and the Turkish State oppression of Rojava

Wednesday 18 April, 5pm – 6.30pm
ARTS Complex, Lecture Theatre 3, University of Bristol

Students and non-students alike are invited to learn more about, and discuss, the history of the oppression of Kurds by the Turkish state, the revolution in Rojava, and the invasion of Afrin.

The main speaker will be Bilhan Tuncel, a Kurdish political commentator who will discuss the motives of Turkey in invading Afrin, the history of Turkish state oppression of Kurds, possible futures for the Middle East, the war in Syria, and the revolution in Rojava.

After Tuncel’s talk a member of Student Action For Refugees will speak about their interactions with some of the Kurdish diaspora that have been trying to come to the UK. Afterwards an open discussion will follow.

The Turkish state has banned pro-Kurdish political parties and subjected Kurds to mass-imprisonment and genocide. Now Turkey is opening up a new front in the Syrian civil war, in collaboration with jihadist mercenaries, by invading Afrin. This threatens the operation against ISIS.

Afrin is part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria / Rojava, which is seen by many as a solution to the Syrian civil war and wider conflict in the Middle East. The political philosophy of Democratic Confederalism has women’s liberation at the forefront of its ideology, along with direct democracy, socialism and ecology. Until now, Afrin was a safe haven for thousands of refugees fleeing ISIS and the Assad regime during the civil war.

Good Green Sushi will be providing sushi to raise money for the Kurdish Red Moon, Heyva Sor, who are helping civilians affected by the conflict in Afrin and Rojava.

Students, lecturers or Kurdish people that want to speak before the discussion opens, are invited to contact STAR or Bristol Green society’s facebook page.